Friday, 14 September 2012

Cluster your PostGIS

I've been asked to look at clustering work's PostGIS needs. We've got some OSM which is only used for Mapnik to read and render from so I'm going to ignore that for now. I'm more interested in setting up a PostGIS cluster for user-created content.

I've found a great PDF presentation from Steve Bennett at the Ordnance Survery. Also a great, simple note on clustering Postgresql from Satoshi Nagayasu. I'm in the process of knocking up a simple test cluster so I'll report back.

Eggie5's run through of streaming replication looks a brief but solid guide to replication.

Jyro's tutorial here on 3DTin is wonderful. It pushed this fat-arsed noob all the way through so I've got a master/standby setup running. Something to play with and attempt to break - that's the point right? Tutorial here.

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